!!Academia Europaea statements on the war against Ukraine

*[Solidarity with refugee researchers of Ukraine|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Solidarity with refugee researchers of Ukraine]. 11 April 2022.

*[Statement by the scientific committee of the national council of Ukraine on science and technology development|Acad_Main/News/Support for Ukraine/Scientific Committee of the National Council of Ukraine]. 18 March 2022.

*[Statement by the Russian Union of Rectors.|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Statement by the Russian Union of Rectors]\\Read the statement from the AE Board of Trustees in response to the publication of a statement by the Russian University Rectors Union. 16 March 2022.

*[Open letter from Russian scientists.|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Open letter from Russian scientists]\\Read the open letter from Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine.

*[Support to Ukrainian researchers and students.|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Support to Ukrainian researchers and students]\\Academia Europaea lists websites with links to schemes, initiatives and programmes which support Ukrainian researchers and students who are in search of work or seek refuge in other countries. 14 March 2022.

*[Suspension of Russian and Belorussian Academies.|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Suspension of Russian and Belorussian Academies]\\Academia Europaea supports the decision by ALLEA to suspend the Russian and Belorussian Academies from membership of their organisation. 9 March 2022.

*[Benefits of scientific collaboration.|Acad_Main/News2_Archive/Benefits of scientific collaboration]\\Read about scientific collaboration with Ukrainian scholars. 9 March 2022.

*[Ukraine statement.|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Ukraine statement]\\The Board of the Academia Europaea issue a strong condemnation of Russian state action against the Ukraine. 1 March 2022.

*[Statements on the Russian war against Ukraine.|Acad_Main/News_Archive/Statements on the Russian war against Ukraine]\\Links to statements on the Russian war against Ukraine issued by other European Academies and Academic organisations. 28 February 2022.
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