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!!Nominations for the Premi Internacional Catalunya\\2024 Announcement

__We are pleased to inform you that the call for applications for the XXXVI Premi Internacional Catalunya 2024 is open until 29th February 2024.
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Through this award, the Government of Catalonia recognizes people who contribute decisively with their creative work to develop cultural, scientific or human values around the world. It endows the winner with 80,000 euros, who is also given the sculpture The Key and the Letter, by Antoni Tàpies.
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Applications must be submitted electronically, through [Procedures gencat|https://web.gencat.cat/en/tramits/tramits-temes/Premi-Internacional-Catalunya-00001]. The candidacies for the award can be submitted by academies, cultural or research centres, and other institutions of similar purpose, or [members of the jury|https://presidencia.gencat.cat/en/ambits_d_actuacio/premis/premi-internacional-catalunya/jurat/index.html], and must include a CV of the candidate.__
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[Further information|https://presidencia.gencat.cat/en/ambits_d_actuacio/premis/premi-internacional-catalunya/index.html].


1. The Premi Internacional Catalunya is awarded annually by the Generalitat of Catalonia.
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2. The Jury of the Premi Internacional Catalunya is made up of noteworthy personalities from the world of science, economics, arts and culture.
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3. Any person whose creative work has made a significant contribution to the development of cultural, scientific or human values any where in the world may be nominated for the Premi Internacional Catalunya.
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4. Nominations for the Premi Internacional Catalunya may be made by academies, cultural or research centres and other similar
institutions, or by the members of the Jury, and they should include the candidate’s curriculum vitae. Submissions for 2024
may be received until February 29, and they should preferably be submitted through the Gencat's page Procedures
(tramits.gencat.cat). Nevertheless, they can be presented in paper format, addressed to the Department of the
Presidency (Sant Honorat Street, 1-3, 08002 Barcelona).
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5. The Premi Internacional Catalunya may not be awarded posthumously.
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6. The Premi Internacional Catalunya may only be granted to a single individual, except in those cases in which the Jury establishes a justification for awarding it jointly to more than one person.
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7. The Premi Internacional Catalunya must be awarded to the winner at a ceremony presided over the President of the
Generalitat of Catalonia, to which members of the Jury are convoked.
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8. The XXXVI Premi Internacional Catalunya is endowed with an award of 8o.ooo euros and the sculpture “The Key and the Letter”
of Antoni Tàpies.


*__President__\\Pere Aragonès i Garcia\\President of the Generalitat of Catalonia

*__President Delegate__\\Mary Ann Newman\\Linguist

*__Members__\\Núria Basi, Businesswoman\\Lana Bastašic, Writer\\Juan Manuel Bonet, Art critic\\Agustí Colomines, Historian\\María C. Freire, Biophysicist\\[Joan J. Guinovart|Member/Guinovart_Joan] MAE, Biochemist\\Barbara Hendricks, Soprano\\Therese Jamaa, Technological directive\\[Andreu Mas-Colell|Member/Mas-Colell_Andreu] MAE,Economist\\Edgar Morin, Philosopher\\Bel Olid, Writer and translator\\Carme Pigem, Architect\\Josep Ramoneda, Writer and Philosopher\\Richard Sennett, Sociologist


Teresa Sala\\
Generalitat of Catalonia\\
Department of the Presidency - Technical Office
\\ \\
Secretaria del Premi Internacional Catalunya\\
Departament de la Presidència - Gabinet Tècnic\\
Generalitat de Catalunya\\
Palau de la Generalitat - Pça. Sant Jaume, 4\\
08002 Barcelona\\
A/e: pic@gencat.cat\\
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Download the [announcement|PIC 2024_CONVOCATÒRIA_CALL.pdf].
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