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!!Honorary Doctorate to Peter Trudgill 
Academia Europaea is pleased to announce the award of an Honorary Doctorate by the [Universidad de Murcia|https://www.um.es] to [Professor Peter Trudgill|Member/Trudgill_Peter], member of the [Linguistic studies|Acad_Main/Sections/Linguistic_studies] section on 3%%sup rd/% June 2022.__ 
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The investiture ceremony can be followed through [https://tv.um.es/video?id=146314].  
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From the laudation by __Professor Juan Manuel Hernández Campoy__:
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"''Peter Trudgill holds a BA from the University of Cambridge (1966) and a PhD from Edinburgh University (1971), and has a certainly exceptional pro-fessional record, serving at the universities of Reading, Essex, and East An-glia in England, Lausanne and Fribourg in Switzerland, La Trobe in Australia, and Agder in Norway. He has supervised 33 doctoral theses, and received an Honorary Doctorate from five universities (Uppsala, East Anglia, La Trobe, British Columbia and Patras), Fellow of the British Academy, and lifetime Honorary Member of the Linguistic Society of America, in addition to a multitude of national and international academic awards. His dedication to sociolinguistic research has nurtured an admirably prolific output, with 44 books and more than 300 other academic works published, leaving an important legacy for this academic subject, as highlighted by various in-ternational associations..''."

!Academia Europaea congratulates Prof. Trudgill to this distinction! 

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