!Draft agenda 
!!ADVANCE notice of the 34th Annual Business meeting of member of the Academia Europaea\\(AGM 2022)
!(physical meeting) at the PRBB  [[Barcelona Biomedical Research Park] - C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003\\[Maplink|https://www.google.com/maps/place/PRBB+Parc+de+Recerca+Biom%C3%A8dica+de+Barcelona/@41.3854203,2.1944581,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x81e449abea5aae0e!8m2!3d41.3854203!4d2.1944581]
!!27th October, 2022\\09:00am (Spanish time)  – 11:0am
!NO REGISTRATION NEEDED!The AGM will also be available virtually
__From 26 September,  ALL DOCUMENTS will be found below (no passwords needed).
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A series of membership wide ballots on the motions below will be held online from 4th – 8th October.__
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(NOTE: an agenda and documents pack will be available at the door of the meeting room for any physical attendees). PLEASE ALSO SIGN THE ATTENDANCE REGISTER AT THE DOOR.
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__In the chair: The President – Professor. Dr. Marja Makarow (Helsinki)__

!1.	Welcome, adoption of the 2022 draft agenda  (members present)  	[[Document 1]\\2.	To adopt the minutes of the AGM held on 21 October, 2021	[[Document 2]

__Transaction of Ordinary Business__

!3. Reports  (covering the past 12 months and going forward): QUESTIONS ARE INVITED

*3.1  President – Marja Makarow. 2021 Trustees (Activity) __report, highlights and future plans for 2022 onwards__\\__Report of the online ballot of members, to the Motion: ''“That the AGM adopt the 2021 Trustees report”''.  				__\\[[DOCUMENT 3.1]

*3.2 Finance – Professor Oskar Mencer (retiring Treasurer)  a summary report has been tabled in advance and the 2021 accounts made available online.\\__Report on the outcome of the online ballot of members, to the motion: ''“That members adopt the 2021 accounts“''.__\\[[DOCUMENT 3.2]
**3.2. 1 __Vote of members (present) to the Motion:  ''“That members agree to  re-appoint the Examiners: Messrs Keith Vaudrey and Co. Ltd, London“''__.
**3.2.2  Annual members’ financial contribution for 2022\\__''Vote of members (present) to the Motion: “The Members are asked to approve the trustees recommendation, for an  annual, [[voluntary] contribution based on an age –related scale, and effective from January 1st  2023. As follows:''"  __

__Ordinary members__\\
Members up to and including 65 years of age: 150 Euro\\
Members 66 - 75 years of age: 95 Euro
\\ \\
__Foreign members:__ 95 Euro\\Members over 75: Voluntary donations are welcomed but they are optional
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''__"The Members (present) are asked to approve an establishment fee for all new (2023) members of 150 Euros, irrespective of age at the time of their acceptance of membership.”__''

!4.  Board of trustees information 
*4.1 The following trustees leave the Board at the end of the 2022AGM: Oskar Mencer Hon. Treasurer

*4.2 ELECTION of Officers and Trustees
**4.2.1 Election of Vice President(s), Report on the outcome of a member-wide ballot [[Document 4.2.1]
**4.2.2 Election of an Honorary Treasurer. Report of the outcome of a member-ballot [[Document 4.2.2]
**4.2.3 Confirmation of the terms for co-opted trustees (vote by those present)	[[Document 4.2.3]
__Other Business__
!5.  Report on the AE engagement in the now ended SAPEA (horizon2020) project and new SAPEA Plus – Professor Petersen Academic Director – Cardiff Knowledge Hub
!6. Brief Hub reports
!7. Plans for 2023
*Call for nominations for election to membership – open 1 October 2022 - 31 January 2023
*2023 Annual conference – Munich  - Hosted by the Munich Knowledge Hub
*Other plans
Questions from the membership.
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Closing remarks (Professor Makarow).
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*[AGM 2022 Document 1 - Agenda|AGM 2022 DOC 1 Agenda (V3 15-09-22).pdf] (updated 15 September 2022)
*[Document 2 -  Draft Minutes of the AGM of 2021 – for adoption|Document 2 - Minutes of the AGM of 2021 (draft).pdf]
*[Document 3.1 - The trustees report for 2021 including Hub reports|Document 3.1  - 2021 Trustees activity report - including Hub reports.pdf]
*[Document 3.2 - Honorary Treasurer's report and the examined accounts for the FY ended 31 December 2021|Document 3.2 Hon Treasurers report and the examined accounts for the FY ended 31 December 2021.pdf]
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