!!Academia Europaea launches new Hub in Budapest

The new AE Budapest Knowledge Hub is the latest addition to AE’s growing number of hubs joining __Barcelona, Bergen, Cardiff, Tbilisi and Wroclaw__. The new Hub is situated in the prestigious [Hungarian Academy of Sciences|https://mta.hu/english] building.
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Over 100 people attended the online celebration which took place on 9th December. The occasion was jointly hosted by the __Academia Europaea__ and the [Hungarian Academy of Sciences|https://mta.hu/english].
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[Professor Tamás Freund|Member/Freund_Tamás] MAE, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and [Professor Sierd Cloetingh|Member/Cloetingh_Sierd] MAE, President of Academia Europaea each gave a welcome address from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Professor Cloetingh referred to the opening of the new Hub as a milestone for Academia Europaea.
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[{Image src='IMG_4944.jpg' caption='The Presidents of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  (Professor Tamás Freund) and  the Academia Europaea (Professor Sierd Cloetingh) at the signing of the agreement to establish a new Regional Knowledge Hub at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on  9 December 2020.' height='500' alt='' align='center'}]
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[Professor László Lovász|Member/Lovász_László] MAE, Academic Director of the AE Budapest Knowledge Hub and Former President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences delivered an opening address. A series of presentations on the 4 thematic missions of the AE Budapest Hub and scientific lectures then took place:

*Widening European Participation by [Professor Éva Kondorosi|Member/Kondorosi_Éva] MAE and Dr Gergely Toldi MGYA
*The Danube Region by [Professor András Báldi|Member/Báldi_András] MAE and Dr Katalin Solymosi FYAE
*The Methodology of Science Education by [Professor Csaba Pléh|Member/Pléh_Csaba], MAE and Dr Eszter Gselmann
*Urban Sustainability by [Professor Gábor Stépán|Member/Stepan_Gabor] MAE and Professor Péter Török FYAE
[{Image src='MTA_Székház01_small.jpg' caption='Budapest Knowledge Hub situated in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences building. (Photo: MTA)' height='400' alt='MTA' align='center'}]

!More about Academia Europaea’s Hubs

You can find out more about Academia Europaea’s network of Hubs at the [AE website|Acad_Main/About_us/Knowledge_Hubs_and_Offices].