!!Uploading a picture

You can uploade images and files to any of your pages and on the comment pages.
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*Open the page you'd like to add your image to by clicking on the Edit button

*Click on the File: Upload! button and select the desired file from your harddist, USB stick etc. When you have found what you want, click at "Upload" again. The image will be uploaded with pre-set parameters determining the width, position on the page etc. You can adjust this by changing/adding the parameters. You can for example insert a caption, or an "alt-message" that is displayed on "mouse over - you can also add text before or after the picture, etc. When done, click on "Save".

*If you are not happy with what you see, click at the "Edit" button and change some parameters. If you don't like what you have done at all, you may even click at "Delete page".\\

*You can also add a picture on the page "Interests and research" or "Other Information". In this case just click at "Edit", choose the place where you want the picture, and now follow above steps from "Upload" onward. __Attention: __ If you don't like what you have done, erase the code generated but DO NOT delete the page, since this will also delete all other material on that page. Hence we suggest: Start with creating a new page before you venture into improving existing ones.
You can find detailed information about the editing of images under [Help/Images|Acad_Main/Help] .