!!Annex 1
!Background Information
Comprehensive information about the Scientific Advice Mechanism: [https://ec.europa.eu/research/sam/index.cfm?pg=home]
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The scoping paper for Transforming the Future of Ageing: Annex 6
!!Annex 2
!Overall project objectives
The project will:
*Define the sub-questions and issues to be examined in the context of the overall scoping paper
*Undertake a review of the evidence, including published material and advice from academies and leading international experts in the relevant fields,
*Establish an appropriate procedure for conducting the review process of interim and final outputs,
*Organise a wider expert consultation meeting in December 2018,
*Draft an Evidence Review Report and evidence-based policy options.
*Submit a final report to the High-Level Group by 12 April 2019,
*Communicate the project’s work and achievements in a transparent way, through effective collabo-ration between the SAM Secretariat and the SAPEA Communications Team.