Founding Visions - Summary#

This "new initiative" is a proposal for video-recorded interviews with members of Academia Europaea's founding generation, inviting each one to express the ideas and motivations which inspired the venture. DVD copies of these recordings could then be made available via the AE website so that all members, and particularly Section Chairs, could use them as catalysts for discussions and plans for continued pursuit of the Academy's Mission. Feedback from such discussions, including specific questions could then be communicated back to the interviewees with invitations for either direct responses to questions or for written autobiographical essays, eventually to form the basis for a "Silver Jubilee Volume" entitled Academia Europaea: Founding Visions (2013). This proposal requests financial support for a pilot phase of the project, i.e., "seed money" to cover 3-5 recordings during 2009. Upon evaluation of this phase, proposals for more substantial financial support to continue this process would be submitted to other Foundations, especially those based in the countries of the "founders".

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