!!!Giovanni Gaviraghi
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__Present and Previous Positions__
*1/04/2002- present Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Siena Biotech 
*1/08/2001 to 23/04/2002 Chairman NiKem Research srl 
*07/91 to 31/5/2001 Research & Development Director GlaxoWellcome SpA
*01/90 to 06/91 Deputy R&D Director Glaxo SpA
*05/87 to 12/89 Director of New Product Research Glaxo SpA
*02/82 to 04/87 Director Chemical Research Glaxo SpA
*08/81 to 01/82 Assistant to the Head of R&D Glaxo SpA
*1974 to 1981 Head of Lab ISF SpA
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__Fields of Scholarship__
*Medicinal Chemistry
*Medicine, Pharmacy
*Drug Discovery
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__Honours and Awards__
*Galen prize for the industrial career (2003)
*Paterno' Medal of the Italian Chemical Society (2003)
*Nordwijkerout/Camerino medal for outstanding achievement in medicinal Chemistry (2008) 
*Honorary Degree in Pharmacy (2009)
*Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Society of Pharmacology (1998-2003)
*Member of the Executive Committee of Italian Division of Medicinal Chemistry (2001-2009)
*Member of the IUPAC Subcommittee of Medicinal Chemistry (1997 .... )
*Member of the Committee for industrial relations (CIRR) of EUFEPS (1996.,.)
*Member of the Advisory Committee of European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (2009 ...... )
*Member of the following Scientific Societies:
*Italian Society of Chemistry (SCI)
*Italian Society of Pharmacology
*Italian Society of neuroscience
*Royal Society of Chemistry
*Royal Society of Pharmacology
*Royal Society of Medicine
*American Chemical Society
*International Hypertension Society
*European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry
*Academia Europaea Membership
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