Tamás Freund#

Tamás Freund
Email:freund 'at' koki.hu
Membership Number:2064
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:HUNGARY
Homepage: http://www.koki.hu/main.php?folderID=882&id=40&color=zold

Present and Previous Positions
  • 2002 to date: Director, IEM HAS, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2000 to date: Head of Dept. of Neurosci., Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest, Hungary
  • 1990 to date: Head of Dept., Dept. of Functional Neuroanatomy, IEM HAS, Budapest, Hungary
  • 1986-1988: Senior Research Fellow of Neuropharmacology at the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, Dept. of Pharmacology, Oxford University, UK
  • 1986-1989: Research Fellow of the HAS, 1st Dept. of Anatomy, Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest, Hungary
  • 1983-1986: Junior Research Fellow of the HAS, 1st Depart. of Anatomy, Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest, Hungary

Fields of Scholarship
  • neuroscience
  • synaptic and molecular organization of brain areas
  • functional architecture
  • physiology
  • neuronal circuits
  • endocannabinoid signaling
  • cerebral cortex
  • hippocampus
  • epilepsy
  • ischemia
  • anxiety

Honours and Awards

  • 1991 Winner of the Drs. C. and F. Demuth Swiss Medical Research Foundation Award, Switzerland.
  • 1991 Winner of the KRIEG CORTICAL KUDOS Cortical Explorer Award of the Cajal Club, U.S.A.
  • 1997 Academy Award, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1998 Winner of the KRIEG CORTICAL KUDOS Cortical Discoverer Award and the Cajal Medal of the Cajal Club, U.S.A.
  • 1998 Dargut and Milena Kemali Foundation Award, FENS Forum, Berlin.
  • 2000 Bolyai Prize, Bolyai Prize Foundation, Hungary.
  • 2000 Member of Academia Europaea
  • 2000 Member of Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea
  • 2001 Member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
  • 2005 Széchenyi Prize, Hungarian Republic
  • 2007 Semmelweis Award, Semmelweis Medical School, Budapest
  • 2007 Scientists of the Year, Award of Science Writers Club of Hungary.
  • 2009 Pro Doctorandis Díj (Federation of Doctoral Students of Hungary)

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