Jinde Cao - Selected Publications#

Evidence of Impact:

1. H-Index = 86 according to ISI-Web of Science 2017

2. 2013 - present, Highly Cited Researcher in Mathematics and Engineering, Thomson Reuters and 2015 - present, Highly Cited Researcher in Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Thomson Reuters

3. 2014 - present, Most Cited Chinese Researchers, Elsevier

Some Representative Publications:

1. Jinde Cao, Jun Wang, Global asymptotic stability of a general class of recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays, IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.-I, 50:1(2003), 34-44 (The article is listed as top cited papers by IEEE TCAS-I (cf:http://tcas1.polito.it/editor/top-cited-TCAS-I.htm)) [361 Citations(SCI)]

2. Jinde Cao, Global stability conditions for delayed CNNs, IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.-I, 48:11(2001), 1330-1333 (This article received the Thomson Reuters Research Fronts Award 2008) [286 Citations(SCI)]

3. Jinde Cao, Jinling Liang, Boundedness and stability for Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with time-varying delays, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 296:2(2004), 665-685 (This paper was selected as the only NEW Hot Paper (http://www.esi-topics.com/nhp/nhp-january2006.html))[250 Citations(SCI)]

4. Jinde Cao, Guanrong Chen, Ping Li, Global synchronization in an array of delayed neural networks with hybrid coupling, IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics-Part B: Cybernetics, 38:2(2008)488-498 [173 Citations]

5. Jinde Cao, Ying Wan, Matrix measure strategies for stability and synchronization of inertial BAM neural network with time delays, Neural Networks, 53 (2014)165-172 [68 Citations(SCI)]

6. Xinsong Yang, Jinde Cao, Zhichun Yang, Synchronization of coupled reaction-diffusion neural networks with time-varying delays via pinning-impulsive controller, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 51:5(2013) 3486-3510 [47 Citations(SCI)]

7. Jinde Cao, Xiaolin Li, Stability in delayed Cohen-Grossberg neural networks: LMI optimization approach, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 212:1-2(2005), 54-65 [147 Citations(SCI)]

8. Xinsong Yang, Jinde Cao, Jianquan Lu, Stochastic synchronization of complex networks with nonidentical nodes via hybrid adaptive and impulsive control, IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.-I, 59:2(2012) 371-384 [89 Citations(SCI)]

9. Jinde Cao, Qiankun Song, Stability in Cohen-Grossberg type BAM neural networks with time-varying delays, Nonlinearity, 19:7 (2006) 1601-1617 [168 Citations(SCI)]

10. Jianquan Lu, Jinde Cao, Adaptive complete synchronization of two identical or different chaotic (hyperchaotic) systems with fully unknown parameters, Chaos, 15(2005) 043901 (Tim Reid highly evaluated this paper in Nature China as Research Highlights (http://www.nature.com/nchina/2007/070711/full/nchina.2007.131.html)) [117 Citations(SCI)]

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