It seems to me that there are more detailed presentations of Informatics members than of other members? Is this because the chair of the Informatics Section who is involved in this otherwise applaudable effort is pushing his section?

--- Kuich Wolf, Saturday, 22. May 2010, 11:22 


No, it is not a question of preference, it is purely a matter of how much I got from various members.\\

I do hope I will get much more from other members. Informatics is much more difficult to present in a nice way to the general public than e.g. archeology or biology or theatrical sciences, etc. etc.\\

Unfortunately, I have not received that much from other sections, with a number of notable exceptions, like e.g. [Jeremy Jackson's scary view of the Oceans in 2025|Acad_Main/Sections/Organismic_evolutionary_biology/Personal_views] or [Herman Verstappen's expedition|User/Verstappen_Herman/OtherInformation] to Mt. Juliana in the Star Mountains, etc. See the "Highlights" button which shows further exceptions!\\

--[Maurer Hermann|User/Maurer_Hermann], Saturday, 22. May 2010, 16:36