Aim of this server#

  • To present Academia Europaea
  • To inform members about each other's activities and activities of their own or other sections
  • To present some of the work done by sections or section members to a general interested readership, also beyond members; hence contributions like some on Personal views on aspects of informatics or Personal views on organismic and evolutionary biology or Interviews with members like with Arnold Burgen or Arto Salomaa etc. are particularly welcome and deemed important
  • To show to potential members, sponsors, governmental and funding agencies the depth and strength of the work done within Academia Europaea
  • To present members as human persons, with anecdotes, beliefs, hobbies, pictures, video-or audio clips,... so we and the public know more about them than just impresive but dry CVs and Publication Lists
  • To allow discussion between members (and possibly even the interesteed public) with discussions both open to all, or just open to a CUG, a "Closed User Group"
  • To act as a repository of interesting essays, contributions and publications

  • Reactions on behalf of the members of the Academy to the creation of a new information and communication site in January 2010.
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